Pizza Pursuit proposes to transform loneliness with pizza. Eating pizza used to be a communal activity where people would come together and share their time and attention with each other. But lately eating pizza is in many cases seen as a solitary activity where people prepare pizza on their own or have it delivered. Our delivery infrastructure has gotten so advanced that the need to eat out has diminished and more people start eating alone. With Pizza Pursuit we attempt to bring back the communal ritual of eating pizza together. Using the infrastructure of pizza delivery, we propose an evolution of the carboard box. The participant builds a controller from the box and joins a global community of pizza enthusiast. With your order you join the team of your chosen pizza variant, and by racing you help get your team closer to victory. By being part of a community with kindred spirits you can feel at ease knowing that you are not alone, a gateway could be created towards a more peaceful and less lonely existence.

In collaboration with Daniël van der Hoek, Berend te Linde, Jiman Jeong