250 x 250 x 350 cm
120 meter transparent PVC
120 meter EL-Wire
Custom electronics
Wooden frame

This work emerged from a question posed by the Design, Art, Technology department of ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem. How can we document the process and methodologies of building a large-sale artwork? This triggered our exploration into the increasingly accessible domain of AI image generator tools like Dall-E, as well as the discussion about AI’s impending influence on jobs and ownership within the cultural sector.

Instead of resisting this new technology, we decided to integrate it into our artistic practice. We redefined our usual approach, initiating the project with a visual prompt representing a large-scale media installation instead of a standard research-based method. The journey of this artwork involved reverse engineering an AI output to construct the sphere and its structure, a process that spanned six months.

The original image output shows a dark space with a large structure that holds a colossal semi-transparent, blue glowing sphere. This was translated in an emulation of the iconic geodesic domes of Buckminster Fuller. “Interactive installation, design art technology, free standing, colossal, 8K, hyper realistic, photography” constructs an awe-inspiring sphere from 120 meters of transparent PVC tubing, held in place by custom 3D printed connectors. This structure is filled with phosphorous wire that emits a soft light that illuminates the floating sphere and the surrounding space.

The installation is a result of a practical based research in a new approach of working hand in hand with AI.

Made in collaboration with Sjoerd Mol