CryptoSauna lets us experience computational wellness in order to show our relationship with green energy. Ever been asked to turn a light off? Shower shorter? Or go by train? As our environment grows hotter, we are trying to become greener, use less energy, all to reverse the effect of global warming. At the same time, we are using more computational power than ever before. We order pizza at three in the night, store everything in the cloud, and expect our online stores to be open all night. You might even pay your ordered pizza with bitcoin. The crypto revolution has made money decentralised and liberated us from banks but also uses enormous amounts of power. We are expected to turn the lights off, but our computers can keep computing. We are expected to travel less but we roam the world wide web without limitation.

CryptoSauna consists of three crypto miners that are mining for coins. The heat of these computations is used to create a computational wellness of 65 degrees Celsius. CryptoSauna is built into a standard 19-inch server rack to accommodate for a smooth transition. Our abandoned industrial zones could be the wellness hotspots of the future.

In collaboration with Aafje van Grieken en Jonas Westendorp